Science and Technology: Leading the CBD Industry into a New Decade

How Science and Technology has influenced the CBD Industry.

By Capital CBD American Shaman | February 15, 2020


The CBD industry has been around for a little less than a decade and it’s astounding when you look at how far it has advanced over the last few years. When CBD first hit the market, the general public knew little to nothing about it. Now, hemp has become so popular that many doctors are starting to recommend it, and major retailers are entertaining the idea of creating their own CBD-infused products.

If it weren’t for the major advancements both scientifically and technologically, the CBD market would not be where it is today. As a result of blending technology and science together, we’ve been able to raise the industry to new heights in every aspect. There is a wider variety of products, better formulations for enhanced bioavailability, a host of clinical studies and much more. Based on how profitable the CBD industry has evolved, these advancements are not expected to decline in the near future.

CBD is predicted to be a multi-billion-dollar industry within just a few years, and with this financial support, new and exciting developments are happening every day. This will allow the CBD industry to continue to improve and find new ways to meet the needs of customers and raise the value of benefits it provides.

How has the CBD industry Advanced?

Let’s cover some of the most exciting advancements happening with Hemp and product derived from it.

1. More Innovative Formulations

As CBD made its debut as an industry, the number of products available were very limited. Most companies were limited to tinctures, edible candies and vape oils. Now, as we know, the market has greater diversity in options to consumers. We now have topicals that come in a wide range of formulations, we also have capsules that are more bioavailable than ever before. We have many more products that utilize advanced techniques to deliver CBD to the system in creative and personalized ways. As if that weren’t enough, we have a much wider range to choose from when it comes to the hemp itself. More companies are developing strain-specific formulations, as well as isolate products that give us potent doses of particular compounds.

2. More Research Studies on the Effects of Hemp

With the increase of scientific studies done over the years, we have gained incredible insight on how hemp affects the human body. Not only does this information help the industry formulate better products, it also helps consumers feel more confident and comfortable about regularly taking CBD. There have been so many clinical studies done over the years that the medical community is finally starting to take note, which lends credit to the CBD industry.

3. Improvements in methods of Cultivation

Advancements have made it easier for hemp farmers to grow their product. For one, new developments have made it easier for farmers to produce female plants. Female plants are the ones with the most potent desirable compounds. New crossbreeding techniques help farmers produce specific strains that can be enjoyed by users who want or need specific compounds over others. Think surgical blade vs hatchet.

4. Thorough Lab Testing

The CBD industry has proved its worth by publishing unbiased information regarding the purity, quality and potency of a CBD product. Thanks to new advanced testing techniques, labs have been able to determine more information about hemp than ever. Customers can rely on highly specific information regarding the CBD they purchase.

5. A Greater Understanding of the Bioavailability of Cannabinoids.

Bioavailabilty indicates the manner in which CBD and other hemp compounds are absorbed in the body. In recent years we have been able to research the bioavailability of hemp compounds with greater detail than ever before. This has enabled companies to produce products that are even more capable of complete compound absorption. CBD products that are more bioavailable will provide stronger effects.

6. A Larger Selection in Potency (Milligram Strengths)

It is known that different people respond differently to concentrations of CBD, and this has to do with many variables, body weight, personal needs and the specifics of an individual’s endocannabinoid system. As a result, companies cater products in a wider range of milligram strengths, allowing users to optimize their regimen for their personal goal.

7. Information on CBD for the General Public

As consumers have more information about CBD, they can be more confident in its benefits and incorporate it into their daily routine. With more education being shared with the general public about how CBD works and its effects, consumers can trust the CBD industry and want to explore it for themselves. A lot of this information comes from scientific research that has been published in mainstream publications, the CBD industry is finally reaching the masses.

8. CBD Products for Animals

CBD products specifically formulated for pets have been increasingly more common. Thanks to an abundance of research conducted over recent years, we know that CBD works similarly for every mammal. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system which processes cannabinoids efficiently. Lots of research and studies have been done to test the effects of these hemp compounds on both dogs and cats. As a result, the industry has responded offering a wide variety of products that can give our furry companions the same compounds we take on a daily basis. Veterinarians have begun to take note and be onboard with this trend as well.

9. Research on The Endocannabinoid System

More scientific studies are being conducted to understand the endocannabinoid system on a more comprehensive level. We directly benefit from this information because we learn about how CBD actually works in our bodies. This provides the data for products to be formulated with all information in mind. It helps us understand exactly why CBD works and how its unique from other plant compounds. Hemp is unique in terms of its chemical makeup of highly bioavailable cannabinoids. The more we know the better it is for users and manufacturers. Based on current trends we can anticipate many more advancements moving forward.

Expect growth in The CBD Industry in Years to Come

The growing popularity of the marketplace in general indicates we will continue to see rapid growth and look forward to the technological and scientific developments to come. At the present moment we can enjoy the wide variety of products that are available thanks to advanced methods and lots of research studies.