CBGo - Water Soluble CBG Oil

Introducing CBGo - Water Soluble CBG Oil and it's benefits.


What is CBGo?

CBGo is the world’s first CBG oil powered by nanotechnology. It is composed of a unique blend of phytocannabinoids from naturally-grown hemp plants. CBGo helps you focus on the task at hand and stimulates you with the energy you need to power through your day. These benefits are brought on without the negative effects of caffeine. When people use other products for energy they often experience jitters, sweat and a variety of other side effects. With CBGo Water Soluble CBG Oil it’s using natures cannabinoids to give you that boost in energy and focus from the power of the hemp plant. In addition to the CBG you will also get a 5mg dose of nano-CBD in each serving size of CBGo. We have researched three specific terpenes that have properties that contribute to alertness, energy and focus too.

How is CBG Made?

CBG is formed through hemp’s natural growth process. CBGA (cannabigerolic acid), the origin of major cannabinoid precursors: THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), and CBCA (cannabichromenic acid). CBGA is broken down by enzymes in the cannabis plant by heat and UV light to “funnel” the CBGA along one of those three main lines. It also occurs as a result of heating, which breaks down CBGA from its acidic form to its neutral form. CBGA may also break down to CBG as a result of exposure to UV and light. Because the CBGA is transformed during these processes, very little is left behind. Some CBG strains of cannabis have been bred to produce large amounts of CBG from the cannabigerolic acid, which comes at the expense of lower levels of the other cannabinoids. Another method to preserve high CBG content in hemp oil is to perform extraction on the plants at about 6 weeks into an 8-week flowering cycle.

What makes CBGo a history-making product?

Most people are familiar with the major cannabinoids CBD and THC. American Shaman is making history by focusing on minor cannabinoids for their unique effects. CBGo harnesses the power of CBG to bring an effective plant-based product to disrupt the $53 billion energy consumables industry (Allied Market Research). American Shaman takes it a step further with nanotechnology which radically increases the potency of CBGo.

How does CBD American Shaman’s nanotechnology make CBGo unique?

When viewed under a microscope, the cannabinoids in hemp oil are locked up in fatty globules. When hemp oil is ingested, the body has to break up these globules to “unlock/unleash” the cannabinoids. Our nanotechnology shatters the oil apart, reducing the size of each particle down to the nanometer scale, making CBGo work faster and stronger than any competing CBG oil.

Where is the cannabinoid industry headed?

The health supporting properties of CBD are well known, and well documented. These properties include relief from everyday stress, mood support, enhanced focus and much more. The future of the cannabinoid industry is marketing scientific formulations of cannabinoids and terpenes for specific consumer needs. Cannabinoids play a vital role in many of our basic functions. With American Shaman leading the push into minor cannabinoids by marketing CBGo, the rest of the industry is sure to follow.

This product is the next step in revolutionizing the CBD industry with isolated cannabinoid research and nanotechnology.

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