CBD + H4CBD Cartridge - 870mg

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American Shaman CBD + H4CBD vape cartridges give you the power of CBD combined with the premium benefits of H4CBD.

H4CBD (Hexahydrocannbidiol) is produced by synthesizing CBD (Cannabidiol) in a laboratory setting to modify its molecular structure. This results in a mild psychoactive compound that can have uplifting and euphoric effects.

H4CBD is considered to be a milder, more gentle alternative to traditional cannabis products, such as THC, but more potent than CBD.

The effects of H4CBD are similar to those of 2:1 CBD:THC products, with the non-intoxicating effects of CBD still dominant, but with a slight feeling of psychoactive effect that can help take the edge off and make the CBD more enjoyable.

Try all 4 great-tasting strains:

Strawberry Cough: A sweet and delicious strain with a delectable skunky aroma. Perfect for those looking for a creative boost without feeling too spacey. This sativa-dominant strain is ideal for daytime use, and its uplifting effects can help combat fatigue and promote focus.

Sour Diesel: An energizing strain that packs a zesty, citrusy flavor. This sativa-dominant strain is perfect for those looking for a little pick me up without the jitters. This strain is ideal for those that want to stay focused and productive while also feeling a sense of calm and relaxation.

Blackberry Kush: A delicious strain that packs a punch with its juicy, sweet berry flavor and earthy after-taste. This indica-dominant strain will have you relaxed and euphoric in no time and is perfect for those looking to unwind without feeling too sedated.

Wedding Cake: A sweet and decadent strain with a rich and creamy flavor. This hybrid strain is perfect for those looking for a balance of relaxation and creativity. Suitable for daytime and nighttime use, its uplifting buzz can provide a boost of happiness and euphoria.

These cartridges are designed to deliver a potent and relaxing experience with each puff. If you are looking for a top-quality CBD vape cartridge, American Shaman’s CBD + H4CBD is a great choice.

H4CBD is currently legal in all states, as it is not listed as a controlled substance under federal law. However, users should always check their local laws and regulations before purchasing or using any cannabis-derived products.

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