Delta 8 Nano Gummies | 20mg

Price: $14.99

About Zen Master Delta 8 Nano Gummies

Zen Master has the best D8 gummies around!

With 20mg of nano Delta-8 THC in every fruity gummy, we packed these sweet treats with the optimal amount of cannabinoids possible.

By using nanotechnology in these gummies, the Delta-8 THC is more bioavailable, meaning that it takes less time to kick in, and you need less milligrams to experience the same effect as other brands

Zen Master Delta-8 gummies come in 3 different sizes:

5 count - $14.99

10 count - $24.99

25 count - $56.25

Whether you choose the Tangy Green Apple or the Juicy Peach flavor, these tasty gummies can provide you a delightful escape.

We recommend trying 1/2 a gummy first until you're used to it and know your tolerance levels.

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