Delta 8 Pre rolls

Price: $12.5

Pre rolled and ready to smoke. The perfect joint awaits. Our Pre-Rolled Zen Master Delta-8 Joint can enhance the moment.

Not all Joints are made the same. Our Zen Master Delta-8 Joints are derived from premium, American-grown hemp and infused with high-amounts of Delta 8 to help you get the sensation you deserve.

Lab results showcase the purity and potency of this product, which also includes trace amounts of CBD to help regulate Homeostasis (balance) in the body thanks to the Entourage Effect.

Size: 1 Gram Pre Roll

Serving Per Container: 1 gram pre roll

Strength: 200mg Total Cannabinoids

Ingredients: Industrial Hemp Grown and Extracted in the USA.

Bubba Kush Strain

The Bubba Kush strain is known for its higher than average THC levels, and relaxing effects. Coupled with this Delta 8 THC preroll, you're choosing a beloved strain known for its earthy flavor.

Pineapple Express Strain

Feel uplifted with the Pineapple Express Strain which is known for its intense flavor and undertones. This strain gets its name from its distinct aroma and with the dense layer of shiny trichomes, this legal flower is useful for relief and increasing appetite.

Blue Dream Strain

Expect a hint of sweet berry flavor that is likely to last after inhaling. Some say its combination of flavors creates a perfect balance. Pleasant and not overwhelming, Blue Dream’s aromatic and flavor profiles are just two reasons so many adore it.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Known for packing a punch, followed up by waves of relaxation. GSC will leave you feeling and stress-free. Many have described GSC to have a earth-like undertone that creates a feeling of buoyancy. The aroma basically lifts you up and then brings you to reality.

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