Enjoy Live Rosin Delta 9 THC Syrup | 420mg

Price: $34.99

About Enjoy Hemp Delta 9 Syrup

Send your taste buds on a powerful trip with Enoy’s Detla-9 THC syrups! Transform your favorite beverage into a high potency, THC- infused, flavor enhanced treat. Utilizing water-soluble nanotechnology, these syrups absorb up to 5x faster and kick in within as little as 15 minutes.

Our all natural, vegan, and gluten free syrups pack a serious punch and are fully lab tested for your safety. So take a teaspoon of fun and add a little zing to your day!


High Potency - 5mg Delta-9 THC Per Serving

Infused Premium Live Rosin

420mg total | 84 Servings

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