HHC Flower (3.5g)

Price: $30

Brand: Zen Master

Zen Master's HHC Flower will be the new favorite for sativa lovers. This flower can provide a bit of focus, energy and euphoric effects that tend to had around. In many ways it can even compete with Delta 9 flower experiences.

Product Details:

We have four strains we are introducing that are infused with HHC. These strains are the most popular sativa dominant stains that will give customers that connection to these popular strains they've seen before.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a well-known sativa strain that gives users feelings that all is good. n creative and focused. This strain is sometimes classified as a sativa hybrid but we would say this one is leaning more on the sativa side with HHC.

Durban Poison

Strain Durban poison is a perfect sativa strain that comes out of a South African port city named Durban. This strain is top-rated for energizing effects and leans toward a creative mindset.

Green Crack

Green Crack tends to be energizing and and creates a dynamic duo with HHC. It is also referred to as "Green Crush" and "Mango Crack." If you're feeling spent or need a pick me up, Green Crack might help you power up.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry cough is a well sought-after sativa strain that users fall in love with its fruity flavor. While we can't promise you'll get a joint full of fruit, it's uplifting, cerebral and will create an energetic experience to get you going.

Our flower contains hemp-derived cannabinoids sourced from industrial hemp plants. All products are federal Farm Bill compliant. All HHC flower undergoes our standard process to ensure quality and effectiveness. HHC flower, along with all other products, are tested internally for quality assurance and then are third-party lab tested.

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