Hometown Hero Blue Lotus 2g Disposable Vapes

Price: $45

About Hometown Hero Blue Lotus 2g THC Vapes

Discover a new exceptional experience by Hometown Hero with their Blue Lotus THC Disposable Vapes!

Consisting of 2 grams of D8 THC, HHC, Blue Lotus flower, and botanical terpenes, this curated blend is known for its mood-lifting properties and tendency to promote lucid dreaming.

What is Blue Lotus?

This flower is historically celebrated for its enchanting properties and is often touted for its aphrodisiac qualities. This attribute and its calming and euphoric effects make Blue Lotus a unique addition to Hometown Hero.

Users may find that the Blue Lotus enhances a sense of well-being and can potentially amplify romantic sensations, making it a multifaceted herb for relaxation and connection.

Different strains to choose from:

Sour Diesel (Sativa): Experience an invigorating, energetic buzz with this classic strain, known for its pungent, diesel-like aroma. Great for creative endeavors and social occasions.

Purple Kush (Indica): Embrace the deep relaxation of Purple Kush, characterized by its earthy, grape-like aroma and calming effects. Great for a good laugh and a peaceful night.

2g Proprietary Blend

1,200 Puffs Per Vape

Zero Carrier Liquids

USB-C Rechargeable

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