Hometown Hero Peak D8 Gummies | 100mg

Price: $60

About Hometown Hero Peak D8 Gummies

Enjoy the taste of fresh and juicy fruit flavors with these artisan-crafted Delta-8 Peak Gummies.

Every piece is infused with 100mg of Delta-8 THC for deep relaxation. Ensuring premium quality through a proprietary infusion process, which begins by emulsifying MCT oil with Delta-8 to increase its efficacy and optimal consistency.

4 delicious flavors to choose from:

Crisp Green Apple

Sweet Ripe Blueberry

Luscious Concord Grape

Refreshing Watermelon

Moderated, Body-focused Effect From Delta-8 THC

Deep Relief, Relaxation, and Rest

10 pieces | 100mg per piece | 1000mg per bag

100% vegan


These Delta-8 Peak gummies are perfect for those looking to explore a new level of relaxation and relief in their THC journey.

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