Hometown Hero Strawberry Shock Sour Belts

Price: $50

About Hometown Hero Strawberry Shock D9 Sour Belts

Light up your taste buds with the tangy sweetness of these Strawberry Shock Sour Belts!

With 50mg of energizing THC in every belt, these candies are great for those wanting an electrifying and creative experience!

Every piece contains a custom blend of cannabinoids including D8, D9, D10, THCv, and THCP resulting in a bold and unique mind and body feeling. Perfect for experienced cannabis enthusiasts searching for a new sensation and novel flavor.

40mg D8 + 2mg D9 + 5mg D10 + 2mg THCv + 1mg THCP Per Belt

50mg Per Belt | 500mg Per Bag | 10 Belts

This powerful blend packs a punch, so if you're looking for a truly "shock" ing experience, try some today!

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