MycoNaut – Respiratory Boost Tincture | 30ml / 1oz

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About Myco-Naut’s Extra Strength Respiratory Booster

Respiratory Boost is a powerful herbal blend that supports respiratory health and immune function.

This synergistic blend combines several key ingredients, each with its unique properties.

Cordyceps Sinensis: a fungus with a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, is believed to enhance respiratory function and overall vitality. It has also been valued for its potential to support lung function and increase oxygen utilization.

Osha Root (Ligusticum porteri): a perennial herb from the Rocky Mountains traditionally used by Native Americans to support respiratory wellness and promote clear breathing, particularly during allergy and flu seasons.

Mullein Leaf (Verbascum thapsus): known for its potential benefits to soothe irritated airways and promote a healthy respiratory system.

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus): an adaptogenic herb that may support immune system function and overall vitality.

Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor): a mushroom known for its potential immune-modulating effects and for fighting viral and bacterial infections.

The herbs in Respiratory Boost are meticulously selected, dried, and finely powdered before extraction.

These ingredients are carefully combined with filtered water and a small amount of ethanol for preservation, creating a blend that nurtures and supports holistic respiratory wellness, drawing from centuries of traditional wisdom.

This extract blend can be enjoyed by adding it to tea or juice or creating a soothing respiratory tonic. The flavors of the herbs complement each other, resulting in a pleasant and comforting taste.

With its convenient and versatile form, Respiratory Boost provides a natural way to support respiratory health and promote overall well-being.

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