MycoNaut - Amanita Muscaria - 1oz

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About this Amanita Ceremonial Micro Effex Elixir.

What is the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom?

Amanita muscaria is a species of fungi that can be found in temperate forests all over the world. Also known as the fly agaric, this distinct mushroom is known for its bright red cap with white spots and is often depicted in fairy tales and folklore.

This mushroom is classified as a psychedelic — but it’s not exactly psychedelic — not in the conventional context at least.

The psychoactive properties of amanita muscaria have been known for thousands of years, and it was used by shamans and indigenous cultures in religious and spiritual practices.

Consuming amanita muscaria can lead to mild hallucinations, altered states of consciousness and feelings of euphoria. It has also been used for medicinal purposes, as it contains compounds that have been found to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibiotic properties.

Hallucinations from this mushroom are best described as lucid — objects appear distorted, and it becomes difficult to assess the true size of both the self and external objects.

This mushroom is more of an oneirogen than a proper psychedelic.

An oneirogen is a substance that induces or enhances dreamlike states of consciousness.

Overall, this amanita muscaria elixir is a powerful and effective natural remedy that has been used for generations to promote health and wellness.


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