Signature Collection Topical Cream | 1,000mg

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Unleash the Power of the Plant with our Signature Collection.

Our Signature Collection Topical Cream is a potent, high-quality topical designed to promote skin health and comfort. The cream's 1,000mg full spectrum nano cannabinoid content provides a potent and natural wellness boost.

Our Signature Collection Topical Cream has several unique advantages.

Firstly, it's loaded with a wider spectrum of cannabinoids using nanotechnology. This includes CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBN, D-8, D-9, and HHC. Nano cannabinoids are shrunken down to tiny, microscopic sizes. This smaller size allows them to penetrate your skin more effectively and interact more efficiently with your body's wellness systems.

Secondly, we use advanced R134a extraction to maintain the plant's constituents in their natural form, bringing you a cream that's closer to nature.

Thirdly, the product is formulated using DMSO. DMSO, or Dimethyl sulfoxide, is a potent carrier that enhances the absorption of the cannabinoids into the skin, allowing for deep penetration into the tissue and joints.

Our cream contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight, ensuring it complies with federal regulations. You can enjoy the wellness benefits these cannabinoids offer without worrying about legality.

Whether you're seeking comfort or wellness, this topical cream could be just the solution you need.

Directions: Use a drop or two of our Signature Collection Topical Cream. A small amount spreads like crazy! Pat onto the affected area and see a difference in a matter of days. For best results, we recommend using it consistently.

Just like any wellness routine, consistency is key!

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