Zen Master | THCa Diamonds 1g

Price: $39.99

About Zen Master THCa Diamonds

Experience the Zenith of Purity

We are thrilled to reveal the newest gem in our hemp line – Zen Master THCa Diamonds!

THCa Diamonds are potent hemp concentrates boasting 99.9% THCa purity. They come in two forms, Pure (without terpenes) and Infused (with terpenes). THCa Diamonds Infused come with added flavors and can enhance THC effects, while Pure THCa Diamonds offer an unaltered THCa experience.

THCa Diamonds can deliver the same effects as typical THC, but only after being heated (decarboxylated). Until then, they don't produce psychoactive effects but may have therapeutic benefits.

Using THCa Diamonds is a unique experience. They can be enjoyed via a dab kit or crushed into a powder and sprinkled over flower or pre-rolls.

As these diamonds are intended for experienced THC, THCa, and other experienced cannabinoids users, we recommend starting with small amounts to gauge their potency and effects.

Yes, our THCa Diamonds comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, containing less than 0.3% THC by dry weight and are encased in child-resistant packaging. Both the bag and the puck container demand specific techniques to open, safeguarding your loved ones from accidental exposure.

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