Super Gold Kratom | 150 Jumbo (1g) Capsules

Price: $54.95

About 1836 Kratom “Super Gold” Jumbo Kratom Capsules

What is Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a cousin to the coffee plant, indigenous to Southeast Asia. Traditionally, the leaves have been brewed as a tea and more recently, they have been dried and then crushed or powdered. There are many different strains of kratom that produce different effects.

Why do people use kratom, and is it right for you?

Many people, including a number of doctors, fitness enthusiasts and health professionals believe kratom to have health benefits including increased energy, focus, relaxation and relief from pain or discomfort.

Sand Panther’s Super Gold - A balanced blend intended for “mellow cats”. Sitting right in the middle of the spectrum, this potent variety is believed to be the ultimate “good mood” strain, believed to provide relief from discomfort without excessive sedation. Artists and creatives love the sense of flow associated with this golden blend!

We believe that kratom is best used in moderation. Please consult your physician before using any kratom products.

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